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Nonresistance & Politics in the N.T.

The Related Ideas of Patriotic Nationalism, Militarism, Violence, Retaliation, Refusal to Bear the Cross or Endure Suffering, the Active Seeking and Holding of Worldly Power and Focusing on the Things of This World in General. Are These Things in Harmony with the Way of the New Covenant or with Following Christ and the Teachings Contained in the New Testament?

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by Tolbert Fanning (b. 1810; d. 1874)[1]

Attentive Reader,–Will you agree to set aside your previous beliefs and stifle your prejudices while we examine, by the light of the Scriptures, a theme most dear to the interests of Messiah’s kingdom?

At no period in the world’s history has a discussion of the subject of war been more urgently demanded than at the present. Nations and individuals still settle their difficulties by mortal combat—not at all questioning the divine right of slaying their fellows.

These remarks are not just intended for savages or infidels, but for the civilized nations of the earth, and for such professed Christians as feel authorized by God and their country to take the life of their fellow man. Continue reading WAR