Our Beliefs

Like most conservative Christian churches, we claim that everything we believe stems from the Bible which we know to be the holy and inspired word of God. But unlike many conservative churches, we do not want to teach our own private interpretations of the Bible, or to preach someone else’s new & recent interpretations of Scripture, or to put forth new understandings and revelations received directly from God. Our desire is to hold to the ancient Christian faith or “the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints” as best as we are able to discern it. Therefore, we make it our aim to preach classic Christian doctrine, placing high value on the earliest, most universally held and accepted interpretations, beliefs and practices of the church. We want to hold to the original Christian faith as best as we are able to do so. For this reason, we are very Bible-focused while also being intentional to learn from church history.

Concerning specific beliefs, we believe a lot of things! Too much to spell out here! But if you want to know more about what we believe than is stated below on this page, consider reading some of the articles we have posted on this site to get an idea of where we stand on some basic doctrinal issues–or better yet, come get to know us! But speaking very basically, we see in Genesis that in the beginning God created the earth and everything in it. We learn that man (being created with free-will) fell into sin and is therefore in desperate need of a savior. We believe that God sent that savior to earth in His predetermined, miraculous plan to save mankind, and that we are still able to exercise free-will & therefore must respond appropriately to God’s gracious call & invitation which was given through Jesus, if we want to have a realistic hope of spending eternity with God.

The Bible shows us that God sent His only Son, the Eternal Word, to be born of a virgin into the line of king David, and that the Word/Son therefore took on flesh and was named Jesus. We believe Jesus lived a sinless life & delivered heavenly teachings for the benefit of mankind, and that He preached the gospel of the kingdom of God. Jesus not only died on the cross for our sins, but after three days, He rose again victoriously with a glorified resurrection body! Jesus conquered death & sin for all for mankind, and now sits enthroned as the reigning Christ at the right hand of God the Father. We believe that our salvation comes by way of our entering into a loyal, personal relationship with Jesus the Christ, and then continuing in such a relationship until the day we die or until Jesus returns, whichever happens first. Along with the ancient Christians, we believe that a saving relationship with Jesus is initially entered into (or that we initially enter the kingdom of God) when we pledge allegiance to Jesus in a “faith-repentance-baptism,” and receive the Holy Spirit. We believe & emphasize that this obedient relationship with God must then be nurtured, cultivated and maintained throughout our lives. In other words, our relationship with Jesus must then must grow into an active, fruitful, persevering, zealous life of discipleship to Him. The New Testament plainly teaches that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God. Therefore, we hold tightly to historic Christianity when we teach that discipleship to Jesus consists in living in a righteous, holy, faithful & godly manner as we “follow in His footsteps” and put His teachings into practice, imitating His actions & attitudes as best as we are able to do so for the remainder of our earthly pilgrimage. Jesus is the Christ! The Messiah has come! The Mosaic Law has been abrogated, and we are now living under the law of Christ. Jesus has instituted the New Covenant, but unless we begin & maintain a life of discipleship to king Jesus, and are ultimately found “in Him” when our time runs out (instead of being found to be unbelievers or workers of iniquity), then we will not obtain our final salvation or inherit the kingdom of God in its final form. We unashamedly confess that Jesus is the Christ, the presently-reigning king of all heaven & earth, and He is coming again to judge us all. Jesus demands our loyalty & obedient service. We indeed have an obligation!

The Eureka church of Christ is a collection of Christians seeking fellowship with others of like mind to serve & worship our God. We seek to preach & publish the original gospel of Jesus the Christ and follow the examples we see in the Bible of churches in the New Testament. Our goals are to eradicate sin from our lives, build one another up, and spread the good news of how the righteous, forgiving, king Jesus saved us and can save others! If you have any questions or you would like to learn more don’t hesitate to contact us using the form, phone number, or email.

We are happy to help you with any questions.

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