Welcome to Eureka church of Christ

Welcome to the website of the Eureka church of Christ, located in Eureka, MO. We also have a Facebook page that, as of right now, cannot be found on Google, but can be found by using Bing (follow this link: Eureka church of Christ-Eureka, MO conservative | Facebook). And of course, we would love for you to come visit us in person and worship with us on Sunday.

We hold our public worship services in the chapel of a beautiful independent retirement community (called “Victorian Gardens”), and nonresidents are certainly welcome to attend.

We would love to meet you and to have you come grow with us! We are a small group of simple Christians meeting together to edify and encourage one another in our walk with Christ.

However, please understand that although society has progressed to a point that most people call “call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20), we, who are of the Eureka church of Christ, make every effort to declare the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27) holding nothing back that would be profitable to a person’s spiritual health (Acts 20:20) in order to help them genuinely be at peace with God. Too many ‘churches’ shun to declare the difficult truths of Scripture and so instead of proclaiming truths we all need to hear, they end up saying “peace, peace” when there is no peace (Jer 6:14; 8:11; Ezek 13:10, 16). But we, knowing that teachers will be judged more strictly by God (James 3:1), value our own souls too much to suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Rom 1:18) or to walk in craftiness, handling the word of God deceitfully (2 Cor 4:2).

If you have any concerns you would like to have addressed prior to your attendance, please feel free to contact us with questions, or view our articles for further information about where we stand on various spiritual matters.

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