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Look Out for Each Other’s Souls

John Chrysostom Exhorts the Laity to Look Out for Each Other’s Souls

(rather than leaving the entire responsibility for this in the hands of the clergy)

While speaking to the laity about their responsibility to watch out for each other, i.e. to edify & comfort one another, as well as to reprove & exhort each other, Chrysostom says…

If you were willing to do such spiritual work, you would have more success with each other than we [clergy] can have. For you spend more time with each other, and you know more than we [clergy] do about what is going on in each other’s lives. You know more about each other’s failings, and you have more freedom of speech, love & intimacy. These are no small advantages when it comes to teaching someone, but are great openings for moments of timely teaching. Therefore, you will be more able than we [clergy] both to reprove and to exhort. You also have an advantage in that I [John Chrysostom] am only one person, whereas you are many–and you will be able to be teachers. Because of these things, I implore you: do not ‘neglect this gift’ (1 Tim 4:14). Each one of you has a wife, a friend, a servant, a neighbor; if you love them, then reprove & exhort them. Continue reading Look Out for Each Other’s Souls