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The Biblical & the Early Christian Position on Divorce & Remarriage

By examining the Biblical & the early Christian historical evidence that is provided in the body of this article (and in the many endnotes), the reader will quickly discern that most professing churches in existence today are no longer teaching these precepts, if they ever did to begin with. If a person would seek to deny that the church has drifted away (Heb 2:1) from the truth on this issue, although they might choose to interpret the relevant Scripture passages a bit differently than how they are interpreted in this article, it is very difficult to ignore or deny what the historical evidence demonstrates.

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Interview with Dr. Leslie McFall on Matthew 19:9

This is a discussion of Divorce & Remarriage, focusing on the so-called “exception clause” of Matthew 19:9. It was originally recorded on 20 March 2010 with TalkShoe and was entitled “Covenant Warriors—MARRIAGE IS FOR LIFE.” Made available by Timothy Sparks @ Dr. McFall: Audio of Matthew 19:9 | Learning from God’s Word (timothysparks.com)

The Clear New Testament Passages On Divorce & Remarriage

Everywhere we turn it seems that marriages are falling apart. There was a time when those in the church were the least likely to divorce but today, with the law allowing one spouse to divorce the other for no reason at all, both Christian and non-Christian alike have become susceptible to the heartbreak of divorce. With the increase in the American divorce rate has also come an increase in the remarriage rate. Does it matter if one remarries after a divorce? Most will tell you that it doesn’t and even encourage people who have experienced a failed marriage to seek another one in order to fill the void that came with the first break-up. With so many people choosing to remarry and so many encouraging remarriage it could not hurt at all to see what the New Testament says about this subject. Continue reading The Clear New Testament Passages On Divorce & Remarriage