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Barton W. Stone’s nonresistance

Nonresistance in the Writings of Barton W. Stone

Barton W. Stone (b. 1772; d. 1844) was a key leader of a Christian movement in the United States (called the “Christian Church”) that sought for unity among all those who professed to be followers of Christ. “In 1832 Stone led many of the Christians in the West to unite with the followers of Alexander Campbell, known as Reformers or Disciples of Christ, forming the Stone-Campbell Movement.”[1] Both of these men were against Christians killing other human beings whether in a time of war, or otherwise. But Stone went further and asserted that Christians should not participate in civil government. He was an advocate of Christian nonresistance, and some of his thoughts on the subject can be seen in the following selections from his writings. Continue reading Barton W. Stone’s nonresistance